Are you really BADASS?

If you are a true problem-solver and want to take on a new adventure in your IT career path, definitely check out the available positions.



You are a BADASS developer.

You are really good with both client and server side JavaScript/TypeScript and have experience with some OOP programming language like C#, Java, or C++.
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Why should I work for CodeMerx?

Why not? 

What do we offer?

⋙ No jerks allowed

If you are a jerk, chances are you won’t like us and we won’t like you.

⋙ Freedom of speech

No hierarchies here. You can call bullshit directly to the boss. If you screw up, we’ll tell you what you can work on. If we screw up, you tell us what we can work on.

⋙ No HR

We don’t believe in hiring special people to make our people happy. 

⋙ Completely remote

You can work from the comfort of your home in your pajamas or that underwear you haven’t changed for 3 days now. We can never tell, so you’re safe.

⋙ A meritocracy

The better you are at what you do, the more successful you are with us.

⋙ Free beer

COVID and location allowing.

What do you offer?

⋙ Not being a dick
⋙ Always doing your best
⋙ Doing what you said you’re gonna do
⋙ Taking responsibility of what you do

What is a day like with you guys? 

We hang out in a virtual office throughout the day. Indeed, we are remote but we try to keep it social as much as possible. We update each other on problems and sometimes work on them together. Occasionally, we would share something funny, stupid or irrelevant, laugh about it, and then go back to work.

We want you on top of your game and we want to be able to provide the means for you to constantly improve your skills. There will be no designated training period. You will get a real-life problem to solve and a mentor to talk to. This means that occasionally you will be grouping up with others from the team and working on a project together. You’ll either be improving your knowledge by learning from them or they’ll be learning from you.

Take on another level in your IT career - join us!

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