How to Build A Decompiler - Devoxx 2019

  • 07 November 2019
The talk describes the architecture of a decompiler and the chain of transformations it takes to convert native/byte-code to functionally equivalent high level programming language code.
07 November 2019
30 October 2019

code.talks 2019 - Blazor - Full Stack Web Development in C# Only

  • 30 October 2019
The talk describes what Blazor does and what problems it solves. We take a deeper look into its architecture and provide a historical overview of the Blazor project as well as its latest developments which should give the audience a sense of the direction the Blazor project has taken. A live demo of actual Blazor usage completes the talk.

The Future of Fiddler (DevReach 2017)

  • 14 December 2017
A vision for the future of Fiddler - support for every major platform & remote web debugging in Fiddler.
14 December 2017
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