Experts in building teams and products

Software Development Inside Out

Taking care of all aspects of creating and maintaining arbitrary complexity software products


Mastering decades of combined coding and team management experience we have created and maintained tools used by millions. We have proven experience with solving high complexity, theoretical R&D problems as well as designing and maintaining large scale, high availability systems.

Proven R&D Experts


Seasoned Architects


OUR Services

CodeMerx versatile team provides a broad spectrum of software development services from raw coding power to deep R&D and complex system design.  The combined managerial experience of our team makes us capable of offering real-life, strategical advice on  technical interviews and team management.

Our team commands deep, under the hood knowledge of .NET and JavaScript/TypeScript and thus is able to provide expert development services within these technology stacks. Our R&D services are technology agnostic, though. We have proven capability to deliver solid results on R&D problems embracing the most efficient technology on a per case basis regardless of previous experience.

Deep .NET & Javascript


Solid theoretical Computer Science background applied to real-life problems

Technical Interviews

The experience of hundreds of tech. interviews at your disposal.


Raw technical power generated by a well-knit team of seasoned devs

Complex System Design

Public track record of designing large-scale systems for long-term maintenance


ediFabric industry partners with rich experience implementing EDI solutions

Featured Work

The fastest .NET decompiler out there decompiling to C# and VB.NET and allowing code editing.

A rewrite of the world famous Fiddler debugging proxy to .NET Core making it multi-platform and adding distributed debugging. Used by hundreds of thousands of developers on daily basis.

A framework for creating native Android & IOS applications in JavaScript.

A .NET assembly diff tool based on the JustDecompile engine.



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